-All sales are final. No returns, refunds, or exchanges under any circumstance.

-We do our best to ensure that all inventory availability is up-to-date. Should an item become unavailable during the processing of an order, a refund will be issued. Sales are not guaranteed until shipping confirmation has been provided to the buyer.

-Loose Cannon Lifestyle LLC reserves the right to revoke access to our products and refuse sales to any customer at any point in time should we feel that proceeding with a transaction could result in fraudulent behavior on the customer's end. 

-Loose Cannon Lifestyle LLC reserves the right to call/email the buyer before filling the order to confirm the order. This is for our protection to ensure that all purchases are fully authorized.

-Once the item is shipped, a tracking number will be provided, therefore any claim of un-received items or lost merchandise shall be resolved with the shipping company, PayPal, or the creditor.

-Upon paying for an item, the buyer acknowledges that "charge backs" or "unauthorized purchases/transactions" initiated via the buyer's bank and/or creditor will be recognized by PayPal and creditors as an attempt to fraudulently keep the merchandise of the seller while receiving reimbursement.